Sunday, 3 April 2011

Michael Bay God Of Explosions and CGI, But why does everybody hate him?

Hi guys and girls i apologize for not posting any blogs recently as i have been extremely busy!

Michael Bay is an American 'action' movie producer and director famous for the explosion-filled excitement of movies such as The Rock (1996) and Transformers (2007). Bay’s first feature film was Bad Boys (1995), starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, which grossed more than $160 million worldwide,  the film was completed for $19 million dollars and grossed a remarkable $141 million at the box office in the summer of 1995.

For years critics have been dumping on Bay because of his desire to produce big budget films. Explosions and car chases have become his signature, and are easily identifiable by any steady moviegoers. Granted he may never direct a film along the lines of Schindler's List or The English Patient, but then again who would want him to? Bay has his own visionary style that was unprecedented until he hit the scene in the mid-nineties with his feature film debut, Bad Boys. For the most part Bay has churned out some pretty entertaining films.

Recent Popular Michael Bay Films:
2010 A Nightmare on Elm Street (producer)
2009 Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (executive producer)
2009 Friday the 13th (producer)
2007 Transformers (executive producer)
2006 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning (producer)
2005 The Island (producer)
2005 The Amityville Horror (producer)

There was a recent article within Cinematical where the author pretty much bashed Michael Bay every other line. He asked the question “is there room for Michael Bay in the age of Chris Nolan?” My first thought was, what does one have to do with the other? These are two totally different directors, with very different film aesthetics.

Michael Bay is Michael Bay; he's no Sommers, Raimi, or Nolan. Bay’s codes and conventions are that he sticks to what he does best, and that's blowing stuff up. You don't walk into one of his movies for a thought-provoking message; you go for the adrenaline rush.
Bay is good at directing summer blockbusters. He says his goal is to entertain and make a profit, and that is exactly what he does. No false pretences. He doesn't think he's making art, he knows what he's making and he's good at it. Once again, isn't that what everyone in Hollywood is trying to do on one level or another? They may not all be as vocal about it, but it's true. Everyone wants to do the thing they love and do it well. And as an audience member, spending money for a Bay film, he delivers what he promises every time. It doesn't matter if the story's mediocre, or the acting is so-so, You’ll know that you won't leave your seat without seeing a fire-lit car roll over five times, while a helicopter spews out a round of bullets in slow motion. Bay sticks to his guns (literally), and for the most part makes enjoyable, fun films. So again I ask the question…

Why does everyone hate Michael Bay?

Occasionally the public desire movies with a unique and interesting story, but sometimes people tend to desire variety this is when he or she’ll want to watch a Michael Bay film, Bay’s films are just like "popcorn movies". If you wanna see a movie like that then the best chances of finding that type of explosive action is Transformers or The Island because they are entertaining and enjoyable containing action, and effects. He makes good popcorn moves, and if you’re an action movie fanatic or viewer you’ll notice that when you see a Michael Bay Movie you’ll know it’s a Bay film.
 At least he is good at making entertaining movies – There are so many movies that aren't. So many bad movies - mostly horror –that try to copy the better ones. His inspiration seems to be to entertain and surprise people with action and effects – some others are inspired to make people feel compassion with touching and sad stories, some are inspired to shock people with horror and blood, some inspired to make people think and try to solve mysteries… Within Bay’s blog, actress Rose Huntington praised Bay for his passion and amasing work ethic he has when it come to making movies, passion is a good thing as it shows that one is putting his or hers heart and soul into the production of a movie.