Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Lonesome Solidarity

With Valentines day just ending, during that time it's most depressing time for singles. This made me think about how crappy my life is, being alone, failed relationships, bullying, lack of friends, all this nonsense made me think why? I'm not a bad person i haven't done anything to hurt anyone.... well, during all this pondering and thinking in my room walking in circles inspired me to write a poem.

Lonesome solidarity.

Paltering in my lonesome room,
Tears of depression,
Oozing into the sole of my cotton socks,
Solidarity is how I’ve perceived,
How I perceived for the past six years,
Forlornness in a dark damp room,
Forlornness in a dark damp life,
Snared in my own anxiety,
For in this room my life will conclude,
In a cold damp room,
Conclude in a dark damp life,
Nil achieved,
Nil accomplished,
For my existence will conclude,
Here, alone.

I may not be the best but you get my drift. During the time i wrote this, i thought back in time to all the beatings iv'e endured, name calling, etc.... iv'e been taking anti-anxiety pills and anti-depressant pills to help me conquer these ridiculous games my minds playing, i can't go out like a normal person without me thinking on how shit i look, I'm an ugly basted, i smell, i'm fat, and other nonsense. The only way i feel that helps is having friends, i have only a hand-full of them Declan, Blake, Ryan, Jeff, these just 4 yeah i know ha ha i have no friends. These friends living a over 100 miles away it's difficult for me as i've just moved and studying Media Production, i've found it hard getting up and going to classes and interacting with other students. I'm mainly by myself in the corner of the recreation room by myself either reading a book or writing poetry.

 Im going to end it now as i'm writing about how crap my life is. I just wanted to show my poetry and this is what i'm going to do, please follow as there will be more coming up, and me blabbering about my life. 


  1. awh barney im here for you <333

  2. You liar, Barney!
    You have awesome friend on skype, even thought they are like voices in your head, but still! Stop being all negative and depressing! Write some positive poems!

  3. aww... so touching... im ur friend barney <33

  4. The first time you read this poem I thought it was about masturbation, no shit. Don't worry barn door sounds like you just need a spliff and a hug.

  5. ForeverAlone.jpg

  6. ~Five to Nine~
    Today, I washed a bowl, with a dirty sponge.
    The irony really isn't that overwhelming.
    I just wanted some canned crap with franks.
    Woke up at 7 PM, I really wonder why.
    Using someone else's internet, justified.
    Justified by an empty wallet, save moths.
    This is to watching infomercials at 4 AM,
    I didn't know I could make it bigger.
    It's not like I can afford it, but cool.
    When do I wear clean clothes again?
    Gluttony really isn't a cheap sin.

    Soon, the gov'ment stops paying my Doctor.
    Guess I won't break a thing watchin' TV.
    Don't get me wrong, I ain't givin' up,
    It isn't about the house you're in.
    What do you get listening to punk?
    Are you a rebel? You got bills too.
    The Man has been holding them down.
    But I fell off the rat racetrack.
    Where to fit in a world that shuns.
    I haven't hurt a soul, but I must.
    Gluttony really isn't a cheap sin.

  7. Was never big into poetry, but I appreciate the creativity, followed!