Monday, 7 March 2011

English PL vs La Liga!

These goals are very good, the skills and the pass play of the EPL is quick, counter attack quick and over all play is entertaining.

Compared to La Liga it makes there type of play look like watching Cardiff under 18s. La Liga play slow pass play. I lived in Spain for two years and i watch there football constantly for example Villarreal vs Sporting vs Athletico Madrid or any other Spanish team, its constant boredom but funny enough the commentator is constantly on the edge of his seat I DON'T GET IT!!!

La Liga may have players that can slot the ball in the back of the net with there amasing technique but the build up to the goal is boring and overall play is uninteresting!

EPL VS La Liga YOU DECIDE!??!?!?


  1. I'm not a expert, but in mo opinion, as a layman, La Liga is more impressive. :)

  2. fair play we all have our own opinion :)

  3. This was the most amazing blog i read today

  4. Always hated soccer, I think it's because i'm horrible at it.