Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Christianity-Real Or Ballocks?

Recently iv'e been reading about christianity and talking to bloody Jehovah witnesses whom come knocking at my door and ask if they can come in to talk to me about there belief. NO YOU CAN'T COME IN TELL ME AT MY DOORSTEP!!!

Anyways they stand there talking a-load of bollocks saying that scientists have proven that god was real etc.. etc.. etc...   give me a little book witch contains uninteresting fact and figures. After 5 minutes of reading it was time for me to burn the little pamphlet.

Apparently God hates Gays why did he create them?
Thou shall not kill.... allot of his stories in the bible are pro killing.

Heres a little video to enlighten your imagination buds :)

You can say to me that i'm shallow minded please enlighten me if you are religious or believe in christianity i understand that there are other religions than JUST christianity but this is the biggest faith in the world, this is the main one that doesn't make sense.

Thanks for watching and reading :) 


  1. Well, all of the religious people I know don't think less of homosexuals, and most of them are just like anyone else. I'm not religious, but I don't have anything against religious people, and I do enjoy getting a knock on the door from the Jehovah's witness', but I'm not gonna let them in!!

  2. ha ha ha amen to that mate :)

  3. Idk about this, it might be too soon to say. Maybe if god doesn't make an appearance for another 1000 years then ill start to get suspicious.