Sunday, 3 April 2011

Michael Bay God Of Explosions and CGI, But why does everybody hate him?

Hi guys and girls i apologize for not posting any blogs recently as i have been extremely busy!

Michael Bay is an American 'action' movie producer and director famous for the explosion-filled excitement of movies such as The Rock (1996) and Transformers (2007). Bay’s first feature film was Bad Boys (1995), starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, which grossed more than $160 million worldwide,  the film was completed for $19 million dollars and grossed a remarkable $141 million at the box office in the summer of 1995.

For years critics have been dumping on Bay because of his desire to produce big budget films. Explosions and car chases have become his signature, and are easily identifiable by any steady moviegoers. Granted he may never direct a film along the lines of Schindler's List or The English Patient, but then again who would want him to? Bay has his own visionary style that was unprecedented until he hit the scene in the mid-nineties with his feature film debut, Bad Boys. For the most part Bay has churned out some pretty entertaining films.

Recent Popular Michael Bay Films:
2010 A Nightmare on Elm Street (producer)
2009 Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (executive producer)
2009 Friday the 13th (producer)
2007 Transformers (executive producer)
2006 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning (producer)
2005 The Island (producer)
2005 The Amityville Horror (producer)

There was a recent article within Cinematical where the author pretty much bashed Michael Bay every other line. He asked the question “is there room for Michael Bay in the age of Chris Nolan?” My first thought was, what does one have to do with the other? These are two totally different directors, with very different film aesthetics.

Michael Bay is Michael Bay; he's no Sommers, Raimi, or Nolan. Bay’s codes and conventions are that he sticks to what he does best, and that's blowing stuff up. You don't walk into one of his movies for a thought-provoking message; you go for the adrenaline rush.
Bay is good at directing summer blockbusters. He says his goal is to entertain and make a profit, and that is exactly what he does. No false pretences. He doesn't think he's making art, he knows what he's making and he's good at it. Once again, isn't that what everyone in Hollywood is trying to do on one level or another? They may not all be as vocal about it, but it's true. Everyone wants to do the thing they love and do it well. And as an audience member, spending money for a Bay film, he delivers what he promises every time. It doesn't matter if the story's mediocre, or the acting is so-so, You’ll know that you won't leave your seat without seeing a fire-lit car roll over five times, while a helicopter spews out a round of bullets in slow motion. Bay sticks to his guns (literally), and for the most part makes enjoyable, fun films. So again I ask the question…

Why does everyone hate Michael Bay?

Occasionally the public desire movies with a unique and interesting story, but sometimes people tend to desire variety this is when he or she’ll want to watch a Michael Bay film, Bay’s films are just like "popcorn movies". If you wanna see a movie like that then the best chances of finding that type of explosive action is Transformers or The Island because they are entertaining and enjoyable containing action, and effects. He makes good popcorn moves, and if you’re an action movie fanatic or viewer you’ll notice that when you see a Michael Bay Movie you’ll know it’s a Bay film.
 At least he is good at making entertaining movies – There are so many movies that aren't. So many bad movies - mostly horror –that try to copy the better ones. His inspiration seems to be to entertain and surprise people with action and effects – some others are inspired to make people feel compassion with touching and sad stories, some are inspired to shock people with horror and blood, some inspired to make people think and try to solve mysteries… Within Bay’s blog, actress Rose Huntington praised Bay for his passion and amasing work ethic he has when it come to making movies, passion is a good thing as it shows that one is putting his or hers heart and soul into the production of a movie.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Forgotten Bands?

The other day i was searching through my iTunes un-till i stumbled across a few bands that are now so very obscure.  Procol Harum, Pentagram, Holocaust, and Spinal Tap.

I’m going to put up some of my favourite songs by them you may or may not like, but I personally feel these bands are neglected and jilted from the public's ear waves.


Pentagram - sign of the wolf:

Procol Harum - Simple Sister

Spinal Tap - Stonehenge 

Holocaust - Heavy Metal Mania

There are so many more great bands that have been neglected from lack of interest, all these bands i've listed are better than mainstream music in the 21st century so if you got time have a little listen.

if you know any other obscure bands or if you dislike or like these songs please don't hesitate to comment, i would like to know your opinion :)

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Sex in Advertising: Does it Sell?

   Sex appeal can increase the effectiveness of an ad or commercial because everywhere we look, we find ourselves inevitably drawn to images of scantily clad attractive men and women that are supposed to somehow inspire us to purchase products they endorse. Sex in advertising can be thought of as a sexual appeal. By its very nature, advertising is an applied form of persuasion that attempts to inform, position, convince, reinforce, differentiate, and ultimately sell products and services. As such, sexual appeals are persuasive messages integrated with sexual information into an overall message about a brand. Sure, this attention-getting strategy is popular.

   But, is it effective? It's human nature to be curious about sex, but it’s important to be very cautions when incorporating it in a campaign. Nudity and graphic erotic content, while still increasing consumer's attention, doesn't really generate positive feelings among viewers. In other words, advertisers must be careful to avoid the "cheap shot," which may negatively affect a brand's image.

   Celebrities can significantly increase consumer awareness, not to mention the positive press and “as seen on” slants that can now be associated with the product! There’s a belief that if we buy what a celebrity buys, then we too can be just like them and have a piece of that “better” life. For others, it may represent a dreamy reminder of the “better” life ’round the corner.

  I would also like to hear from your point of view, does sex sell for yourself? And not the doing the nasty term thank you, we all like that!!

   Please feel free to comment, criticize, or if you don't like reading this type of ballocks please, don't hesitate to tell me and ill stop, i just thought it would perspire into an interesting discussion! :)
              Thanks for reading! :)

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Why not listen to 60s-70s rock while being high?

There are many songs out there and the most common to to listen to is reggae.
But what about old 60s-70s rock? Bands like pink floyd, Jimmy Hendrix, the moody blues,  and led zeppelin. there are many more, im just throwing out a couple. While chonged i recon listening to them is a gateway to heaven. close your eyes, lie down on you bed and enjoy the journey.

everyone has there own taste, i was listening to dubstep while high the other day, the beats made my spine tingle. going off context here....

We need to go back to the olden days where our fathers and mothers got chonged and listened to jeffersons airplaine, the zombies, and the loving spoon its how it should be. Old songs give a mellow beat, keeps you relaxed and not on edge when high. Certain people go through a faze of smoke, then relaxed, then paranoid, and maybe at the end you'll whitey. This maybe to the type of music thats being plaid such as rap they constantly "rhyme" about raping hoes, and shooting a brota up. This type of music wont mellow you out, this will make you want to rape some girl you met at the corner shop!!!?!?!?

This is my personal favourite song when im chonged, it puts me into a relaxed state i don't wanna talk i just want to relax on my bean bag.

Everyone has there own taste in music while smoking the devils lettuce, if you could drop me a few of your interests and maybe ill try it out, i love listening to music while im high, it's one of my many recommendations.

Thankyou for reading and listening. any bad criticism is good so i can improve my future blogs :)

Christianity-Real Or Ballocks?

Recently iv'e been reading about christianity and talking to bloody Jehovah witnesses whom come knocking at my door and ask if they can come in to talk to me about there belief. NO YOU CAN'T COME IN TELL ME AT MY DOORSTEP!!!

Anyways they stand there talking a-load of bollocks saying that scientists have proven that god was real etc.. etc.. etc...   give me a little book witch contains uninteresting fact and figures. After 5 minutes of reading it was time for me to burn the little pamphlet.

Apparently God hates Gays why did he create them?
Thou shall not kill.... allot of his stories in the bible are pro killing.

Heres a little video to enlighten your imagination buds :)

You can say to me that i'm shallow minded please enlighten me if you are religious or believe in christianity i understand that there are other religions than JUST christianity but this is the biggest faith in the world, this is the main one that doesn't make sense.

Thanks for watching and reading :) 

Monday, 7 March 2011

English PL vs La Liga!

These goals are very good, the skills and the pass play of the EPL is quick, counter attack quick and over all play is entertaining.

Compared to La Liga it makes there type of play look like watching Cardiff under 18s. La Liga play slow pass play. I lived in Spain for two years and i watch there football constantly for example Villarreal vs Sporting vs Athletico Madrid or any other Spanish team, its constant boredom but funny enough the commentator is constantly on the edge of his seat I DON'T GET IT!!!

La Liga may have players that can slot the ball in the back of the net with there amasing technique but the build up to the goal is boring and overall play is uninteresting!

EPL VS La Liga YOU DECIDE!??!?!?

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Lonesome Solidarity

With Valentines day just ending, during that time it's most depressing time for singles. This made me think about how crappy my life is, being alone, failed relationships, bullying, lack of friends, all this nonsense made me think why? I'm not a bad person i haven't done anything to hurt anyone.... well, during all this pondering and thinking in my room walking in circles inspired me to write a poem.

Lonesome solidarity.

Paltering in my lonesome room,
Tears of depression,
Oozing into the sole of my cotton socks,
Solidarity is how I’ve perceived,
How I perceived for the past six years,
Forlornness in a dark damp room,
Forlornness in a dark damp life,
Snared in my own anxiety,
For in this room my life will conclude,
In a cold damp room,
Conclude in a dark damp life,
Nil achieved,
Nil accomplished,
For my existence will conclude,
Here, alone.

I may not be the best but you get my drift. During the time i wrote this, i thought back in time to all the beatings iv'e endured, name calling, etc.... iv'e been taking anti-anxiety pills and anti-depressant pills to help me conquer these ridiculous games my minds playing, i can't go out like a normal person without me thinking on how shit i look, I'm an ugly basted, i smell, i'm fat, and other nonsense. The only way i feel that helps is having friends, i have only a hand-full of them Declan, Blake, Ryan, Jeff, these just 4 yeah i know ha ha i have no friends. These friends living a over 100 miles away it's difficult for me as i've just moved and studying Media Production, i've found it hard getting up and going to classes and interacting with other students. I'm mainly by myself in the corner of the recreation room by myself either reading a book or writing poetry.

 Im going to end it now as i'm writing about how crap my life is. I just wanted to show my poetry and this is what i'm going to do, please follow as there will be more coming up, and me blabbering about my life.