Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Forgotten Bands?

The other day i was searching through my iTunes un-till i stumbled across a few bands that are now so very obscure.  Procol Harum, Pentagram, Holocaust, and Spinal Tap.

I’m going to put up some of my favourite songs by them you may or may not like, but I personally feel these bands are neglected and jilted from the public's ear waves.


Pentagram - sign of the wolf:

Procol Harum - Simple Sister

Spinal Tap - Stonehenge 

Holocaust - Heavy Metal Mania

There are so many more great bands that have been neglected from lack of interest, all these bands i've listed are better than mainstream music in the 21st century so if you got time have a little listen.

if you know any other obscure bands or if you dislike or like these songs please don't hesitate to comment, i would like to know your opinion :)


  1. Is it bad that my first experience with Spinal tap was a simpsons episode way back in the day?

  2. Not a huge fan of metal...or hard rock in general, but I agree. Mainstream music nowadays is shit :\

    nice post! followed.

  3. agreed with above. completely